Keeping the Cool

The heat has hit Ireland and we’re all, mostly, enjoying the novelty of dry, sunny conditions…every day! But, for some people with MS it can hit like a sledge hammer and leave us feeling awful.

Some tricks I use for ‘Keeping the Cool’:

1) Hydrate first thing in the morning
I start my day with a pint of tepid water. After this, between fruit or salad or nice gluten-free toast, I drink a glass of orange juice with ground flaxseed mix, hemp oil & Udo’s Oil. This gets my system going & I find it a brilliant start to my day.

2) Ginger tea
There’s something fabulous about freshly grated ginger. It explodes my senses- taste, smell, the flavour is a great ‘kick’ and it’s cleansing my system too. Heat and sunshine I love but I hate the sticky, grubbiness that comes with copious sweating. Drinking ginger tea seems to make me less icky and I feel fresher.

3) It’s all in the wrist
When I do over-heat, I run my wrists under cold water/dip them in cold water/put ice cubes on them for a bit. Immediately I start to feel better.

4) Get Nippy
When I can, I do like to wear as little clothes as possible in the heat. Starting with cotton underwear, skirts, dresses, shorts, thin t-shirts or tops and light trousers or skirts.

5) Play Cricket
This weather is perfect for the game and, being addicted to it, I can’t avoid the inevitable. Nothing does me but to get out and run myself silly!

That’s all for now.


© Emma Rogan 2013


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