The Race of My Life

The Race of your Life: Who knew?

Living with MS is part of my life Race and it can take up a lot of time. Its the training you see. At the start, the first 15 seconds, when my doctor said the words “multiple sclerosis”, it was as though I’d been asked to run a race without any preparation, with a pair of average shoes and saggy muscles. Where was my track, where was I going and how on earth was I going to do it?? It was too much for me to process, almost more than I could manage. But with time, with perseverance, with much melancholy too, it turns out that, while I might have never expected to have to deal with ‘it’ (who does??), I’ve more than just survived those first seconds, the days and months. My life has continued on as I focussed on my abilities, continuing to learn and develop my dreams. It turns out, that it is more than possible to flourish (trying not to put “even with MS”…).

You might not think it, but you have lived, you have learned and you have trained. At the beginning there is a big crowd of people, contacting you, giving you tips and you’ve all the post-diagnosis chatter. Then, as you run down the miles of your life, the crowd and co-runners change. You’re still you, charged with adrenaline at times, injured and a little sore, happy, going through the motions, but still you. Some people cheer you on because they want to connect with you, some people think you’re an inconvenience to their life and walk away from your track. Other runners fall into stride with you and you spend a little or a lot of distance sharing the track.

Up until now, you didn’t realise what you have done to survive this much of the race. Its worth reminding ourselves of the greatness of our lives, of the people who we ‘fall into stride’ with and how all we need is a reminder of how far we’ve come and how capable we are of  having a happy ‘Now’. Do you look forward to a fantastic future, even if it is having lost a few toenails along the way (thanks to the Half-Marathon!),

For an adrenaline rush of perspiration check out Lori Schneider, Empowerment through Adventure

Chatting with others is an excellent way to work things out. Check out


2 thoughts on “The Race of My Life

  1. Alan McC says:

    The Human Race. Thanks for these thoughts. We need to run that race together even if we’re side-by-side only for a time.

    Nathalie Benoit rowed from Paris to Lyon to Marseille last year. +1000km and we got to accompany her for 7 of those. It maybe wasn’t a lot “in the scheme of things” but we were together for a while.

    I’m beginning to understand how sport is important. If you fancy rowing part of your race. Let me know ;o)

    Love from the family.
    Alan & co


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