The Value of Work ¦ Kanchi Ability Café

Kanchi, an organisation that works to change mindsets and behaviours around disability is holding its first Ability Café of 2014 on Thursday, 30th January, from 8.00am – 10.00am and I’m speaking at the event.
The theme for the morning is Managing Fluctuating Conditions in the Workplace and I’m going to speak about current situations, research and all the options available for people and their businesses.

“Approximately 85% of working-age disability is acquired (source: NDA). A number of acquired disabilities can be fluctuating, these include conditions such as; MS, Parkinson’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis. This means that accommodations or adjustments which employees require can change over time.

As an employer how can you best support team members with fluctuating conditions, adapt to their changing needs and ensure that your top talent can remain in the workplace and deliver to the best of their ability?”

Staying or returning to employment plays a significant role in ensuring people maintain their financial independence, stay socially connected and using their skills. All topics will be up for discussion. If you have any questions for me now, please send a comment or connect with me on Twitter @emmadragon
For more information about the event as well as changing attitudes, please go to the Kanchi Network website


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