A Weekend with Shift.MS

It is the words of others, their happiness, their gratitude that contaminates my life for the better. One such human is Art Berg who wrote The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer.

Some words to start what will be a great week, once we remember that we CAN choose to be content, to be happy.

“I discovered a long time ago that my happiness is not a condition of my circumstances. Rather, happiness is a choice, and I make it every day. While we cannot control the environment of change that is happening all around us, we can control how we respond to it. We can adapt. We can change. And we can still find happiness, no matter how dark the storms are around us.”

When we’re diagnosed with MS, life and our sense of self can fall to pieces. As time passes, we pick up the pieces, find some new ones, throw out some useless old ones and begin, again. Every day we have the chance to begin again. We can adapt. We do change. And we can  find that sense of happiness, no matter how dark life seems to be or what storms knock on our door.


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