Concern For Your Health – Not Fat Shaming

Calm Chaos

This. Before you get upset, please read and understand the article.

I want everyone to be happy, and I believe a big part of that is being healthy. When you are healthy, you feel better mentally and physically, you are more confident, you have more energy, etc. When you are not healthy, you are lethargic, in pain, and worst of all unhappy with yourself. I am not here to hurt or shame anyone. In fact, it is the exact opposite – I WANT TO HELP! That is why I spent several HOURS yesterday working on a free fitness challenge for May. No one pays me to do that. I don’t get any type of commission. It is not a requirement that I need to fulfill. I do it for free, EVERY MONTH, to help others. That is just one of MANY things I do for FREE to help others with…

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