A Holiday from MS

Warm sunshine, pool-side and palms. It has been hiatus-time for the last few days.

Thank God for Holy-Days!

I’d forgotten the origin of the word holidays but it’s there. A time to stop the work and worship God, if you’re a believer. If not, you still get time to stop & enjoy something other than work, without bunking off!

I’m somewhere hot- it happened accidentally but it does suit me fine. This morning I ran for 1:10 minutes through Palm groves, along unfamiliar streets, passed chickens caged at the bottom of apartment blocks (!) and got lost. Cooling down was eventful – I did the #icebucketchallenge, twice. Both by my own hand, second time was much colder, bizarrely.

It has been great having time to sit and ponder or zone out. This year has worn me down; lots of travel, deadlines, projects and all sorts if wonderful things to keep me occupied. Now is time for reflection, creativity, maybe even new projects but also letting things go where they’re no longer useful.

It is possible to over-think, to criticise and get down over what has passed and mistakes made. I can get lost in my head-space, with thoughts of what went wrong swimming around or I can sit and enjoy the moments, sitting tea with my girlfriend as we sit in stillness. Do you worry unnecessarily, work yourself into a right state? Try taking a holiday from that way of thinking, put that damn burden down.

Life goes on, no matter how hard we worry. But a wise woman told me to take a holiday from worrying. So taking pleasure in the small moments, the tea from a China cup, the walk in the fields, the clean, starched sheets, call with a friend, things I forgot yet they are the things that make life worthwhile. Things I relish.

Life itself good and wonderful as it is, in the present moment. You see, that’s all I have & no amount of wishing or thinking or anxiety with change that fact.

Back to the pool, Factor 50 included



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