Christmas is risky business

One month before Christmas, a time when panic buying starts and we are liable to forget what it’s all about. Are you wondering what is it friends/family want? How about a dose of love and care?


My family are well and healthy. They’re all safe warm and while there are some financial restraints, they’re in good form. But I’m checking and have decided that everyday for December I’m going to ‘Check-In’ with a friend or family member (watch out folks 🙂 ). Perhaps even those people where relationships were strained.

Last weekend there was a school reunion for my class. It was an informal event, we gathered around a table in a local pub and talked and laughed and teased and giggled and *WHOOPPED* all night long . We had shared six years living together (mixed boarding school) going through many ‘firsts’ together at such a formative time- puberty- and figuring ourselves out. We were so young…

We’ve all changed and life has taken its toll. But it has also allowed a blossoming of creativity, of their individual spirit. People left behind childish things and got on with living life. There’s something so very liberating about being an adult, designing a good life.

There’s something about this time of year whether it is the joyful memories I have of Christmas as a child, relatives coming home for the holiday or just ‘that’ atmosphere. This year I’m taking risks, reaching out to those people who’ve been important to me at one stage or another. I want to find out how they are, how life is for them, are they happy, loved? It may have been twenty years but they’re the ones who have been part of our journey. Without their contribution, we wouldn’t be at this place in our life.

We never know the day or the hour so pick up the phone, send an email or Tweet, even Facebook. Sometimes it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone to reach someone you care about. It’s Christmas, take the risk.



© Emma Rogan 2014

If you want to quote or use this material, please reference me, Emma Rogan as author.


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