Our dreams are on their way

Have you seen the posters? Can you ever ‘unsee’ them?? It hasn’t been pleasant what with the homophobes firing their ‘pious reasoning’ like an AK47 blast through Irish society with no care for the collateral damage inflicted.

These posters never were about debate, they are about sending a message. It sounds something like “If you’re straight, great! If your trying to figure yourself and think you might be gay or lesbian or if you’re gay living out, get back in that confining box we’ve spent centuries making specially for you”.

This Friday 22nd is due to be a typical Irish May Day- sunny, cloudy with the potential for lots of rain. We’ll get up, do our morning things, head out to work or stay home or go to college or do what we’d planned to do. No big deal. But it’s a day when people I don’t know, as well as people I love and care about, can change my life.

I’ve waited a long time to hear so much ‘gay talk’ spoken in public and in ways that weren’t always an attempt to knock people back or a kick people the stomach. I waited for years for ‘some one like me‘ to appear so I wouldn’t feel so desperately alien (Thank you Sen. David Norris, Una Mullaly, Grainne Healy, Ursula Halligan, Panti and the rest of the LGBT Braves). I’m waiting for a time when young lesbian & gay teens don’t have to battle  with bullies or with the demons that tell them they’re somehow 

I waited for years for people like me to be ‘normal’, to go from a sick, slick, dirty personhood (which we never were*) to being washed clean with the acknowledgment, respect and love of others. I’ve waited years for my head and heart not to ‘flip out’ whenever I told someone about myself or my ‘partner’; there’s always an assumption that she’s a he with the follow-up discussion about when I realised I was gay (Have straight people ever thought about when they realised they were straight???).

Like everyone, I’ve had plenty of eejits bully, harass & put me down because of who I am. They’re everywhere, those people who have been so poisoned by life or others that they puke it all over the rest of us in an attempt to make themselves feel better. 

I’ll be going to the Polling Station with my partner, to cast the vote that will mean so much to so many. Our time has come to shine, and should people vote yes, our dreams are on their way.  We’ll be joined by thousands of other people who are voting yes. Together for yes. 

2 thoughts on “Our dreams are on their way

  1. Jimmy Lynch says:

    This is a conversation my wife had with my 10 year old daughter on Tuesday:

    Conversation in the car this morning with Aishling aged 10:
    A- Whats that poster about
    Me- Which one
    A- Gods says no.Nature says no
    Me-Its about the vote on Friday
    A- Why is god saying no about the presidents age
    Me- He doesn’t care about the presidents age.Its the people who want everyone to vote no for marriage equality
    A- I don’t understand. Didn’t God make everyone equal and want us to love everyone
    Me-Yes he did
    A-Whats this about nature.I could understand if it was about saving the rain forests
    Me- I don’t understand why they are saying that either
    A-It doesn’t make sense
    Me-I have to agree with you


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