Brain Awareness Week a.k.a. Awesome Brain Week

This is Brain Awareness Week or as I choose to call it, Awesome Brain Week.

Like your little toe, your brain isn’t something you think about (even though it is what allows you to think) regularly. Unless you are one of the many millions of Europeans and people worldwide with a brain condition.

awesomeImage from

This week, to highlight the awesomeness of our brains (I know, I know.. but in this context the use is justified!), I’ll be posting facts, figures, images and other things here and on Twitter. Let’s have a think about how great that mass of lipids and cells in your head is and be grateful that you’re one works well enough to read and reply. I ask you to use it to raise awareness about the thousands of brain conditions that plight the lives of so many.

Starter for ten:

The brain of a newborn human contains the same amount of neurons as an adult (no matter how small minded you think your neighbour is, he/she has the same brain size as you). Although, research into neuroplasticity suggest the human brain has great capacity to repair, rebuild and grow even into late adulthood so brain sizes can vary.

What about you? Any interesting brain facts you want to share or experiences you think others should know about? Add your comment and join the conversation on Twitter @emmadragonTwitter birdie

© Emma Rogan


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