MS Readjustment 101

How prepared were you for the morning? I get a lot of slagging for always being ‘surprised’ by it. Some mornings I’m groaning and griping my way to wakefulness yet within minutes, my energy has sparked and I’m all set for the day. 
Preparation ensures no matter what the griping, the day will go as well as possible, because of the prep.
We grow upnourished & prepared for life by our parents, the schools we attend, the role models in our lives, the friends we have and the society we live in. Ready for college, work, relationships and all sorts of other life stuff.
 IMG_4149Credit: Emma Rogan | 2016

No one has ever prepared us for something so catastrophic to our sense of self as a diagnosis of a chronic illness. Dealing with the emotions and psychological effects as well as negotiating the world with a new viewpoint isn’t easy. As we have experienced, being diagnosed can knock a person off-centre. This is a challenge we never expected.
But we can make well-informed choices. Read, read & read some more. 
There are some excellent books and websites out there with some great information to look at. These have been written by people with MS, are all about living the life you want to live and making the most of what you have. It is really important to learn this skill as so often the loss, the ‘what might be’ is easier to focus on when our dreams have been dashed.
Firstly, getting what you put into your body sorted will make a positive difference. 
• Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis by George Jelinek is a book I delve into regularly and I follow what he recommends. There is a website- as well as a Facebook page
• Another is by Dr. Terry Wahls- The Wahls Protocol. Her is the link to more information
• Please also check out the online forum for MS’ers. There is a great film here: 
Talking with other people with MS is important but it is important that it is with a positive, energy enhancing group. Some of the information can be so frightening it makes people shut down completely, go into denial and avoidance. All this means is the fear gets bigger, the stress more stressful and life is badly impacted. It might be an idea to speak to a counsellor as this rage, the WTF, uncertainty and awfulness can really get inside you.

Diagnosis, dealing with the emotions and psychological effects as well as negotiating the world with a new viewpoint isn’t easy. Some things take more time than we realise for us to understand. It gives us a hard landing to realise that we have to take action, to make choices so we can continue to live full lives.

I know it is possible to manage my life with MS, to LIVE to the fullest. For anyone diagnosed with the condition, it is about doing well, getting to a point where we are just getting on and living the life we are meant to live. You can do it; it is just a case of re-imagining and readjusting life to what you need now. And the joy of readjustment is you can always make changes.

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2 thoughts on “MS Readjustment 101

  1. ManyLemons says:

    Wonderful post Emma. I’ve just been diagnosed with probable Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and some unusual gut problems, so I’m ‘starting from scratch’ as a newbie to some new chronic illnesses. It’s an interesting perspective and this time I’m going to do it better 😉 By tracking down and reading some awesome blogger content to get savy, confident and up-to-date quickly and comfortably. Your post really resonated, both as a ‘veteran’ of MS and a newbie of other things, thank you!


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