This weekend, give yourself a break

Up at 3:55, 4:55 in the early hours & proper up at 7:45 this morning with my chirpy, joyful little child, I didn’t get to do my meditation ritual.   I was spurred on to write this after a Tweet from Everyday Mindfulness @mindfuleveryday, below.

img_6312I chose to do the wise thing & let myself off the hook. I’m taking moments in the day to recover my peace of mind. Before getting into it, I’d have taken plenty of time to give myself a lot of taunts for not being good enough, what a waste. Anyway, a reminder to self to enjoy this day without being my own worst enemy & instead being a good friend.

“Being hard on yourself for not meditating, is only going to make you less likely to start and keep a meditation habit. 


I’ll just leave that there. Is this your #mindfulness #happyhabit?


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