Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep

The basics of wellbeing are grounded in having sufficient, undisturbed sleep

Sleep well last night? When I finally put away my phone, I did. Many of us are forgetting the importance of sleep thinking that one last check of Faceache/Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram status is vital before shut-eye. Not only are these, for the most part, irrelevant to your health, your exposure to the ‘blue light’ emanating from your ‘phone is keeping you awake. Check this out from Harvard Health


Sunset over Brussels Airport | ERogan

There’s another phenomenon that plagues my days and nights. In a wonderful mess of experiences the fatigue that is so common in people with MS gets coupled with insomnia. So, whilst I spend a certain hour of the day walking around like a zombie with cotton-balls in my head & eyes, when the night falls, I’m cosy in bed and relaxed… I cannot fall asleep. This zombie just can’t turn off her brain.

My solution has been a long time waiting for discovery and it has taken me years to find it. To combat insomnia at night, I have to rest during the day. Even when fatigue overwhelms my thought processing, dulls my cognitive ability and effects my decision-making, the  happy habit I’ve built to get rest overrides everything else. It is frustrating when you have a list of things to do for work, tasks to complete and calls to make. BUT, nothing is ever done to the best of my ability when I am below-par due to lack of rest.

Before Arianna Huffington, I was extolling the virtues of rest and sleep. If you need any more encouragement, take a look at her video from TED TALKS




When fatigue is a daily battle, take time away from scrolling through your phone and decide to make it time well-spent; nourish your brain, your body, your health and mind. Put away your phone and now, sleep…

Is this part of your story- fitful sleep despite fatigue? Share your story with me and comment below. Thank you for reading! 

© Emma Rogan


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