What Happens Now?

Post- diagnosis II

Nothing. By ‘nothing’ I mean everything will change as this unexpected guest comes into your life yet you’ll remain the same. There will be lots going on and life will continue but it’ll be different. There may not be any strike of lightning nor a kairos moment. For some there will be a gentle shift or a massive upheaval. As your family and friends gather around you, (or not) there’s a good chance you’ll be swept up in a numbing tide of non-emotions.

There may be an army of supporters coming around. Or you won’t tell anyone because you’re trying to figure it out for yourself (this I’ll post about later). People are fundamentally well-meaning as they tell you about people they know who have “had MS for years and they’re doing brilliantly” or the catastrophic comments that can’t be described as well meaning. “A wheelchair isn’t the worst thing” or “you’re not going to die from it” or some other really innane  phrase that’ll make you want to SCREAM. They’re just crappy words, those phrases people feel compelled to use when they’re feeling awkward.

That’s where the ‘shit-eating’ grin comes in handy. Somewhere, even in the most unappealing comment, there might be kindness or something useful. Just make sure nothing is wasted, especially your patience!


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