Sustainability: Food choices

This week I’m talking delicious jellies, chocolate and the glorious wagon to Sugar Rush. Seems like the start of the nutritional strategy and New Year isn’t going all that well…

I was busy chomping chocolate and forgetting my routine. To all intents and purposes, I’ve fallen off the wagon. The cold weather has been my perfectly reasonable excuse for increasing my sugar intake- delicious warm coffee with a jolt to keep me perky for the start of the day. But that’s all it is, a shitty excuse for making bad choices.

I’ve a serious penchant for jellies and M&S do a wonderful vegetarian version. Veggie Percy, Veggie Caterpillars and all sorts of animal-shaped sugariness. However, just because there aren’t ingredients from animal hooves, doesn’t mean the sugar isn’t packed into every bite. And how does it happen that I succumb to temptations of the ickiness? Here goes…  After work there’s the rush, public transport (totally unreliable Dublin Bus and Irish Rail) picking up Little One from the creche, the commute to home, dinner… let’s just say there are time when I indulge. Before I know it, I’ve opened a packet of Percys, eating a handful of snakes and my blood has turned to a sticky toxic mess.

This is okay- my body doesn’t let me forget I’ve messed up. I get a morning-after experience from it (yes too much sugar is hell the next day) and it feels as though my mind is soaked in gunge, taking longer to process the basics as well as being muddled. Now, we all know my MS brain doesn’t need anymore hurdles. For this week, this start of Spring, I’m back on the veg, the nuts, the water and I’ve rededicated myself to putting the better choices in terms of food and leave the last of the Colins back in my pantry. Better in the bin but I’m just not ready….

Do you have any dietary habits that you’re finding hard to crush? Let me know what’s going on for you and  together, we can keep the Colins, whatever form they take, in the back of the pantry and away from our bodies. Comment, Tweet  @emmadragon and make the best choices you can for now.

Check out the Overcoming MS Recovery Programme and the book by George Jelinek- a great resource for people newly diagnosed with MS, the oldies or for anyone with a loved one with the condition.


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