Emma Rogan Feb 2013My name is Emma Rogan. This is a space for me to put my ideas, pour out my thoughts and work out how to make life better. 

In 2012, I won the Vodafone Foundation World of Difference. During the course of the year, my life has transformed to match my dreams.

I want to ensure that any other young person diagnosed and living with multiple sclerosis, knows there are others managing and living life to the full. You are not alone and better than that, we are here for one another. Life and living in the times we do is an exciting, wonderful gift. This can loose it’s glimmer if we’re diagnosed with a chronic illness. However, with every new day I remind myself that while I’m here, I will live to the fullest of my being, share my knowledge and expertise, have lots of fun and do my all to serve others.

Over the years, I’ve learned that my destiny is not only about the daily living, it is also about dreaming dreams, living the passion and taking responsibility for my contribution to the world. Life is too short to not spend it being the change. I have chosen how to respond to living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Being in control of your destiny doesn’t mean focusing on what you don’t have; it means focusing on what you do and how you use what you do have. I’m curious about your world and look forward to hearing things from your perspective.


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