Why ‘Republic of Emma’?

I’m interested in healthy living, am enthusiastic about being alive (isn’t it wonderful/), active, enjoy rambling conversations, ’cause and effect’ and love learning more about relationships and politics. How do we engage with ourselves and the world we share? Cool and brilliant or resentful and bitter?

I know too it is important to be reminded of what it means to be FREE, to be alive and able to do things. So, this is my take on living with multiple sclerosis…

In the great republic of Emma, MS wanted a dictatorship. I decided on a democracy and I have all the votes! I vote every single day. I vote for health. I vote for choice. I vote for visibility. I vote for access. I vote for acknowledgement. I vote for dreaming. I vote for happiness. I vote for friends. I vote for love. I vote for hope.  I vote for me. New me. Yes I have MS. Two little letters I carry with me each day.  Thankfully, I am so much more than two letters.

© Emma Rogan, 2018


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